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FPLD Spycraft

Agent Zigzag
Agent Zigzag A True Story of Nazi Espionage, Love, and Betrayal By Macintyre, Ben (Book - 2007 ) 940.548641 MAC Available now View Details

Annotation:Trained as a German spy, -Eddie Chapman was dropped into wartime Britain by parachute and promptly became a double agent.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Smith By Dubowski, Cathy East (Book - 2005 ) Fiction Dubowski Available now View Details

Annotation:Jane Smith is charming, sexy, successful, and intelligent, a rare combination of domestic goddess and savvy businesswoman. Although she and her equally perfect husband seem to be the ideal couple, the spark has faded from their marriage. That is, until they win free sessions with a counselor. What they keep hidden from their therapist and each other, they confide in the journals they've been coaxed to keep. Jane and John Smith are actually hired assassins working for rival organizations -- and their next assignments are ... each other!

The Trinity Six
The Trinity Six By Cumming, Charles (Book - 2011 ) Fiction Cumming Available now View Details

Annotation:Hard-up Russia expert Dr. Sam Gaddis finally has a lead for a book that could set his career back on track. He has staggering new information about an unknown sixth member of the infamous Cambridge spy ring -- a man who has evaded detection for his entire life. But when his source suddenly dies, Gaddis is left with just shreds of his investigation, and no idea that he is already in too deep.

Spytime The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton : A Novel By Buckley, William F. (Book - 2000 ) All copies in use. View Details

Annotation:Many former spies make cameo appearances in this profile of James Jesus Angleton, a real spymaster who ran the counterintelligence operations of the CIA for decades after World War II

Deep Lie
Deep Lie By Woods, Stuart (Book - 2009 ) Mystery Woods Available now View Details

Annotation:Kate Rule, a CIA analyst battles to force her superiors and the U.S. to act against a Soviet KGB plot involving a Russian spymaster and a military base hidden on the coast of Latvia. Her quarry, General VIktor Majorov, seems to be planning something: a secret attack on Sweden from a nuclear submarine.

The Scar-crow Men
The Scar-crow Men By Chadbourn, Mark (Book - 2011 ) All copies in use. View Details

Annotation:The Black Death scours 16th-century England, Elizabeth I seems strangely distant from her country's troubles, and someone is killing the spies who keep information about England's enemies flowing to the palace.

Enemies Among Us
Enemies Among Us A Thriller By Hamer, Bob (Book - 2010 ) Fiction Hamer Available now View Details

Annotation:FBI agent Matt Hogan is assigned to pose as a volunteer at a nonprofit charity in an effort to track a terrorist cell group.

Lord and Lady Spy
Lord and Lady Spy By Galen, Shana (Book - 2011 ) Romance Galen Available now View Details

Annotation:Lord and Lady Smythe-discover that they're both secretly secret agents.

The Bourne Identity
The Bourne Identity By Ludlum, Robert (Book - 1988 ) All copies in use. View Details

Annotation:A very readable thriller about an amnesiac attempting to regain his memory, all the while suspecting he may not be the "good guy"

The Secret Agent
The Secret Agent A Simple Tale By Conrad, Joseph (Book - 2007 ) Fiction Conrad Available now View Details

Annotation:In 1894, the year Polish-born Conrad settled in England, a failed attempt to blow up the Greenwich Observatory left an alleged anarchist blown up instead. With such spare facts for inspiration, Conrad crafted this London-based story of political intrigue, police duplicity, familial discord, and ubiquitous corruption.

The Quiet American
The Quiet American By Greene, Graham (Book - 2002 ) Fiction Greene Available now View Details

Annotation:Into the intrigue and violence of Indo-China comes Pyle, a young idealistic American sent to promote democracy. As his native optimism starts to cause bloodshed, his friend Fowler, a cynical foreign correspondent, cannot stand aside and just watch.

Washington's Spies
Washington's Spies The Story of America's First Spy Ring By Rose, Alexander (Book - 2006 ) 973.385 ROS All copies in use. View Details

Annotation:In the summer of 1778, General Washington needed to know where the British would strike next. To that end, he unleashed an unlikely ring of spies in New York charged with discovering the enemy's battle plans.

The Confessor
The Confessor By Silva, Daniel (Book - 2003 ) Fiction Silva Available now View Details

Annotation:When a Jewish scholar working in Munich is murdered and all his research stolen, Gabriel Allon, a seemingly gentle artist working patiently on a restoration, is called upon to make discreet inquiries into the incident.

Operation Dark Heart
Operation Dark Heart Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan--and the Path to Victory By Shaffer, Anthony (Book - 2010 ) 958.1047 SHA Available now View Details

Annotation:Shaffer, now an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, was for years a covert intelligence operative for the Pentagon. In this autobiographical account of his work in Afghanistan and his eventual fall from grace at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), he describes some of his experiences.

Jackdaws By Follett, Ken (Book - 2001 ) All copies in use. View Details

Annotation:Charged with crippling communications in Europe before D-Day, Special Operations Executive "Flick" Clariet must pin her hopes on a group of nonprofessionals code-named the Jackdaws.

Wild Bill Donovan
Wild Bill Donovan The Spymaster Who Created the OSS and Modern American Espionage By Waller, Douglas C. (Book - 2011 ) B Donovan, William Available now View Details

Annotation:A mythic figure whose legacy is still intensely debated, 'Wild Bill' Donovan was director of the Office of Strategic Services (the country's first national intelligence agency) and the father of today's CIA. Donovan introduced the nation to the dark arts of covert warfare on a scale it had never seen before.

The Increment
The Increment A Novel By Ignatius, David (Book - 2009 ) Fiction Ignatius Available now View Details

Annotation:Can a heartsore and weary CIA veteran juice up fresh, meaty intelligence from buttoned-down Tehran? Does his trusted Secret Intelligence Service colleague have an inside track, and will he share? Who really holds the cards on the nuclear weapons story in Iran?

Money to Burn
Money to Burn A Novel of Suspense By Grippando, James (Book - 2010 ) All copies in use. View Details

Annotation:Michael Centella is a rising star at Wall Street investment bank Saxton Silvers. Everything is going according to plan until the love of his life, Ivy Layton, vanishes on their honeymoon in the Bahamas. Seven years later, Michael's got undercover FBI agents afoot, spyware on his computer, and mysterious e-mails from a "JBU."

Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy
Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy Inside the Secret World of Corporate Espionage By Javers, Eamon (Book - 2010 ) 364.168 JAV Available now View Details

Annotation:With the end of the Cold War, spies on both sides of the Iron Curtain discovered there was money to be made renting out their skills to clients in such fields as pharmaceuticals, banking, and agriculture

The Afghan
The Afghan By Forsyth, Frederick (Book - 2006 ) Fiction Forsyth Available now View Details

Annotation:American and British intelligence services discover that al Qaeda is planning something major and horrific that will likely occur somewhere in the United States.

Our Kind of Traitor
Our Kind of Traitor By Le Carré, John (Book - 2010 ) Fiction Le Carre Available now View Details

Annotation:An attractive couple vacationing in Antigua meet Dima, a hale and hearty Russian businessman, and his charming children. Tennis, then parties, and soon Perry and Gail are trusted companions of the family. Shockingly, Dima asks Perry to be his negotiator with British intelligence.

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