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FPLD DC Comics Not Named Superman or Batman

Firestorm The Nuclear Man By Conway, Gerry (Book - 2011 ) Graphic Novel Firestorm Available now View Details
Watchmen By Moore, Alan (Book - 2008 ) Graphic Novel Moore Available now View Details
Animal Man
Animal Man Volume 1, The Hunt By Lemire, Jeff (Book - 2012 ) Graphic Novel Animal Man 1 Available now View Details
Catwoman Volume 1, Trail of the Catwoman By Cooke, Darwyn (Book - 2011 ) Graphic Novel Catwoman v. 1 Available now View Details
Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex Counting Corpses By Gray, Justin (Book - 2010 ) Graphic Novel Jonah Available now View Details
Green Arrow
Green Arrow The Longbow Hunters By Grell, Mike (Book - 2012 ) Graphic Novel Green Arrow Available now View Details
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Brightest Day By Johns, Geoff (Book - 2011 ) Graphic Novel Green Lantern Available now View Details
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman By Pérez, George (Book - 2004-2006 ) Graphic Novel Wonder Woman 3 and more… Available now View Details

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Check out these graphic novels that are not the ultra popular Batman or Superman from DC Comics.

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